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Wedding clip: George & Julia

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Wedding videography (Clip): Vitalik & Ira

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Vitalik and Ira.

The millions of people around us, but they become invisible when a loved person near. You're like one-on-one, and no one else. Only "You & I".
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Wedding video: Denis & Nastia

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Wedding videography (Clip): Yuri & Yanina

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Wedding videography (Clip): Sergey & Elena

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Sergei and Elena such cheerful and energetic young people. We can learn a lot. This day was an absolute calm and a desire to act, and to act. They probably could travel for the all Kiev :) It was a pleasure to work with.
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Wedding clip: Tanya & Sasha

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Wedding clip: Maxim & Ira

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Wedding clip: Andrew & Victoria

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Wedding clip: Denis & Alena

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Wedding clip: Olga & Sergei

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