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Wedding clip (Highlights): Vlad & Natali

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Vlad & Natali are very funny and cheerful people. They wanted to get very quickly their wedding video. The film is ready. I hope you like it, because you was amazing. Happy viewing.
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Wedding cinematography Connecticut (CT): Matthew & Kira

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Sunset... 100 miles from New York City... A quiet nice place with lots of sunshine and green grass... I think, it's the best place for wedding. This is a short story about guy Matthew and beautiful girl Kira. Relax and enjoy watching video.
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Wedding cinematography Jersey City (NJ): Kayvon & Anna

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Our life is the theater and we are actors. We are in a new role many times a day - at home, at work and with our friends. Kayvon & Anna decided to choose a new role for a lifetime today - the "Groom & Bride". If you have not visited the theater for a long time, I invite you to see a new Top-musical "Kyavon & Anna's wedding".

Today is free for you :)
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Wedding videographer New Jersey (NJ): Mike & Kim

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Someone does not like school. But it does not relate to Mike & Kim. They love school because they met each another there. This is a love-story about two beautiful people.
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Wedding cinematography Philadelphia (PA): Slavik & Irene

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Slavik & Irene. They were living near each another for many years. But only after they arrived to the USA, God decided to meet them for a lifetime. Beautiful story... Beautiful place... Beautiful people.
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Wedding videography NYC (Brooklyn): Andrii & Alina

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Alina is very romantic. She wanted an ideal dress, ideal flowers, ideal balloons, ideal car and ideal wedding. We believe, she has found the ideal Andrii :)
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Wedding videographer NYC (Manhattan): Mirbek & Milana

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He is a singer. She is a beautiful woman. This is a story, how two hearts found each another in Manhattan, story about Mirbek & Milana. New York City is an amazing place in the world...
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Wedding video (Highlights Clip): Igor & Julia

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Igor & Julia. She was born in Belarus. He - in Ukraine. But 1,000 kilometers is not the distance for true love. This is a tale about a prince on a white "horse" and his princess.
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Wedding videography New Jersey (NJ): Tina & William

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Tina & William. I first met Tina and William at their wedding. They are wonderful people. The work is done. I hope you like it.
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Wedding videographer Long Island (NY): Joseph & Diana

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Joseph & Diana. You have been great. I was very happy to work with you. Thank you for everything.
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