Hello! Let me introduce myself. My name is Sеrgіі Рrymа.

I was working on TV for many years. I was a TV editor, videographer, director. I love to save the important moments. So, we founded the production studio “Marka-Studio” in the Ukraine in 2008.

"Marka" has two definitions in the Ukrainian:
1) "Marka" means Brand. It is our idea to do our best.
2) "Marka" means Postage Stamp. Only important events are printed on postage stamps. I belive, wedding is very important.

I like both of these definitions.

Since 2010, We begun videography via the Full HD camera Canon 5D Mark II with a full-frame matrix, which was revolutionary in the film and video production. Now the wedding videography looks like pictures taken on the cinema.

We create Wedding Clips, Films and Love-Stories.

Since 2015, I have been working in the New York City.

I made an exclusive online Virtual Showroom where you can see many full weddings and speak with me online. Also, you can book a wedding date there.

14 years of TV experience, 9 years of experience of the wedding videography, more than 250 weddings and many happy reviews - this is a result of "MarkaWedding".

"I want to make people happier"