Hello! Let me introduce myself. My name is Sergii Pryma.

I was working on TV for many years. I was a TV editor, videographer, director. I love to save the important moments. So, I founded the production studio “Marka-Studio” in the Ukraine in 2008.

"Marka" has two definitions in the Ukrainian:
1) "Marka" means Brand. It is our idea to do our best.
2) "Marka" means Postage Stamp. Only important events are printed on postage stamps. I belive, wedding is very important.

I like both of these definitions.

Since 2010, I begun videography via the Full HD camera Canon 5D Mark II with a full-frame matrix, which was revolutionary in the film and video production. Now the wedding videography looks like pictures taken on the cinema.

I create Wedding Clips, Films and Love-Stories.

Since 2015, I have been working in the New York City.

I made an exclusive online Virtual Showroom where you can see many full weddings and speak to me online. Also, you can book a wedding date there.

Since 2018, I switched to the newest camera Canon 5D Mark IV to make your video even better. Now you can order 4K format instead of FullHD (it takes much more space, but quality is awesome).

14 years of TV experience, 12 years of experience of the wedding videography, more than 300 weddings and many happy reviews - this is the result of "MarkaWedding".

"I want to make people happier"