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Wedding video (Clip): Artem & Valeria

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Artem & Valeria. Some people have cats or dogs. Other people like hamsters or parakeets. But Valeria loves bears! She has many bears! And Artem presents her a new teddy bear every day! Do not believe me? Just look!
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Wedding videographer (Highlights Clip): Roma & Vika

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Roma & Vika is a nice couple, the beautiful love, the calm atmosphere. Day passed easily. See a result.
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Wedding videography (Clip): Artem & Irina

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Highlights wedding clip: Suraj & Marina

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Wedding video: Alfredo & Natalia

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He is a Spaniard, she is Ukrainian. But 2000 miles is not a distance, if love lives in the heart. What's next? Look ...
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Wedding SDE-clip: Roma & Tanya

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SDE - same date edit. The clip was made over 3 hours in the restaurant and was shown to guests in the restaurant.
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Wedding clip: Ania & Vania

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Wedding videography: Sergey & Natalia

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Highlights Clip: Dmitry & Christina (from Canada)

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Wedding videography (Clip): Sergey & Lilia

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